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"Chef" believes that Palangmai can make Phetkhemmarat to be the well-known. @ 2016-11-07

Now, Iron Chef has praised for Phetkhemmarat Sitchefbuntham,who has been developing his performance. Moreover, he also has his good responsibility with diligence to fight. Thus, it is confident that in the future he will become to be the well-known one not difficultly , especially to be supported by Palangmai group. What’s more, in the next game he will fight with Yodkaen Luakphrabat on this 8 November in 2016. And, the Muay Thai fans can have fun with this game.

Previously, Phetkhemmarat Sitchefbuntham was born in Phathumthani province or in the same area of Iron Chef , so he was named by Iron Chef as this name. Moreover, now he has been practicing himself at Chuwattana boxing camp supported by Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong. Besides, this no name boxer has always created the good form continuously in nearly a month. Thus, in this moment he has become to be the new star of Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai and Palangmai group to become the good future one. And, on this 8 November in 2016 he will fight will Yodkaen Luakprabat of Sia Mor at Rachadamnern.

What’s more, Chefbuntham has revealed to the reporter on the last day that Phetkhemmarat is the strong one with braveness to fight. Then, he has expected that he will become the good future one. Additionally, he is the good boxer with diligence and development of his performance,except for his bad shape. Then, he believes that he can achieve in this field , so the Muay Thai fans should cheer up him and send the encouragement to him too.

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