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"Kwag" has emphasized to make the good atmosphere by cheering up every favorite boxer of all boxing camps. @ 2016-09-28

Sia Khwag P.K. has revealed his mind that now he has cheered up every favorite boxing camp. Moreover, anyone has fought excellently might receive the gold no matter of the small or large boxing camp. Then, it can increase the good atmosphere to the boxing circle while it requires for the new generation boxers to come into the boxing circle much more. However, they shouldn’t come to fight in the boxing stadium for once time only and have been disappeared with causing the bad effects on this circle much.

Sia Kwag P.K., the promoter of P.K. Sanchai and the excellent experts have revealed that he would like to increase the good atmosphere in this boxing circle. Then, every boxer who has fought in the splendid way can receive his gold without afraid. Additionally, he would like to see the new generation ones to fight in this boxing stadium much more. However, he wouldn’t like to see any people who require of their own benefits to cheat in this boxing circle. Therefore, if it is in this way , it will cause the bad trend on this circle in the future.

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