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"Phetwanlop" has aimed to pass into the final round. @ 2016-08-27

Monrit Sitpordang or the well-known trainer has revealed that recently he has practiced himself excellently already. However, it should warn the Muay Thai fans not to look at only the beautiful shape of him to win Phetwanlop in the next match.

In addition, Monrit Sitpordang or the well-known trainer said after Phetwanlop has just knocked Sanphet by kicking on his neck to keep for his first three scores already. Besides, this program had been setup on 27th Isuzu of Suek Chao Muai Thai. Then, now he has practiced himself well already to wait for fighting in the next match.

Monrit said that it’s his duty to fight with full performance and win Phetwanlop until passing into the Semi Final round with his aim.

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