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“Rungsak” will explain that he is being threat by “Sanchiang”. @ 2016-05-09

Rungsak Dewee has explained that in the earlier Sanchianglek S. Prasobchoke was mad at him that although now Chatchainoi S. Prasobchok doesn’t sell the right of anyone to move in other boxing camp , there is someone to perform in this way without telling him before.

Rungsak Dewee has explained that at that time Chatchainoi S. Prasobchok has become to be the Navi soldier under the center of new solider practicing. And then, Nava Aek Santichai Wongsuwan or the Lietunent Tu or the direct commander of Chor or Sanchianglek S. Prasobchok and the head of S. Prasobchok boxing camp have bested regard him to take care of this subject.

Later, he has let the boxers to train at this boxing camp because the lietunent Tu is the direct commander of Chatchainoi at that time. Then, he has contacted for the boxing program all the times as well as receiving the money to share for the trainers of this boxing camp. In addition, he always gives some money to Sanchianglek every time he has fought without any problem before. As the result on the last time this boxer is fired out of Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium for the first one. Later, he is fired from being the solider , especially to ask for the litunent Tu to make other boss employ him to work at the electricity office at Sattaheab. However, later he has met with the head of S. Prasobchok at Lumphinee , and this person said that why he might not let this boxer to fight on his boxing program further. Unfortunately he has contacted this boxer as the saying of the head of S. Prasobchok , but this boxer said that he isn’t ready to fight with his not good body condition. On the contrary, suddenly it has the news that this boxer has moved to fight in another boxing camp affecting to his name of the boxing camp

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