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"Kumarndoi" has engaged with the former champion or "Malaithong". @ 2016-03-30

"Uncle Kreng" or Kriengrit Chitphakdee has confirmed that recently he has given Kumarnkoi S. Chitphakdee or the famous one of the boxing camp to Malaithong Sakthewan or the former champion of 4th Isuzu for taking care of without selling. In addition, it is because now Kumarndoi is the Finance of Malaithong’s daughter already. Thus, now it has let Kumarndoi to practice himself at District of Chiangyean of Mahasarakham province under the supporting of Malaithong instead of him in order not to go in and out with a lot of problems.

"Uncle Kreng" or Krengkrai Chitpakdee or the big boss of S. Chitphakdee boxing camp has revealed his mind with the reporters of Muai Siam after Kumarndoi has win the scores of Phetchatchai Chaoraioi on Suek One Thong Chai on the last match at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium. Additionally, after Kumarndoi has been the boyfriend of Malaithong for a long time , Kreng has managed for the engagement of them because Kumarndoi have been living with him since he was young as well as he has proved about his love to this woman clearly. Besides, he has symphatized for Chitphakdee to go in and out for a far route from the North at Chiangyean District to the South of Thailand. Significantly, it isn’t in the truth that he has sold Kumarndoi to Malaithong for gaining a large amounts of money because he has his enough money.

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