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"Lan" has revealed about proposing "Plaerm" with much denying from all people. @ 2016-02-29

After Plearm Sitphananchieng Sorchor Lekmuengnon has been made the list to fight with Supernew Nonedangyim on Suek Phetwisate on this Thursday of 21st January 2016 , all people are stunt for his form with his strength to use his legs to kick and use his fists to punch until knocking Supernew with over expectation. Besides, it made the Muay Thai fans shock contrary with his more disadvantages to fight.

Lately, Lan Kamnan or the teamwork of Phetyindee has revealed to the reporter of Muai Siam that now he has proposed the name of Plearm Sorchor Lek Muengnon to fight with Supernew Nonedangyim at the meeting although someone have rejected me. However, Lan really likes this style of boxer , and he always train the several of the short and muscle ones , such as Khunsuek PNyim and others who can use their legs to kick and use their fist to punch excellently. Thus, for Plearm this might be the great opportunity for him.

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