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"Deer" has proved himself to remove his wonder. @ 2016-01-30

Deer Kertphet or the expert of Suek Kertphet has proved for the funniness again after Chane Ph. Phekko has tied-up with Phanphetlek Kertchareonchai in 101 pounds again on Suek Kertphet. Then, at the end of New Year day or on last Tuesday of 29th December in A.D. 2015 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium the teamwork has checked for the readiness condition of both boxers in order to grasp the champion on this match.

After Chane P. Pekko and Phanphetlek Kertchareonchai have tied-up at Lumphinee boxing stadium on last 3rd November in 2016 , the referees are unable to make the decision for Chun Kertphet to prove the performance again on Suek Kertphet for sending-off the New Year Day in A.D. 2015. Then, on last Tuesday of 29th December in A.D. 2015 they might fight with each other at Lumphinee boxing stadium on this Tuesday of 29th December in A.D. 2015 in 101 pounds equally.

Deer Kertphet has revealed that this couple one has fought with funniness to favor the Muay Thai fans ; namely, Chane and Phanphetlek to show the excitement. Then, both of them should prepare themselves well to prove the good performance. Similarly, Chane has practiced himself at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium , but Phanphetlek has practiced at Kertchareonchai in Trung province. Therefore, both of them are from the big boxing camp with the good standard for grasping the champion. Thus, the Muay Thai fans can cheer up for them.

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