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The Litunent believes that Morakotdam might fight better in the next match. @ 2015-09-02

The litunent Surachate Dechaphan is really confident after his disciple or Morakotdam S. Dechaphan has grasped the champion by defeating Khongrit W. Phanyawai on 8th Thai Insurance boxing round successfully. Thus, on the next match he might be stronger in order to show the better performance. Finally, the couple one has the worse shape and experience than other couple boxers. Then, it believes that he has his good spirit to fight surely

Currently, Morakotdam S. Dechaphan has overcome Khongrit W. Phanyawai successfully in 8th Thai Insurance on Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee R Airline. Lately, the litunent Chat or the commander Surachat Dechaphan or the head of S. Dechaphan of Soisiayai has thanked for the boxing Muay Thai fans who always cheer up Morakotdam for grasping the champion. In addition, he has his better body condition and spirit though he has his worse shape and experience than others

On the last match, it has counted as the first match to fight. However, some of the boxers has his less experience and shape , so it should bring the mistake to solve for being the strong one. Finally, it should thank for the boxing Muay Thai fans who cheer up for the boxers to become the good future one.

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