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"Phanghaew" has reserved for the champion of Phunsia boxing round. @ 2015-07-24

Dab Phang Kongphrab or the big boss Phang Kongphrab has announced to create the good history of the boxing circle by training his boxer in the boxing stadium to be the champion of Phunsia boxing round for the matches continuously in 2 years. Thus, on the 15th of Phunsia boxing round it is confident much that Yodphet Phangkongphrab might have his enough talent to become the champion of 15th Phunsia boxing round surely.

After Yodphet Phangkongphrab has overcome Yokphet Yingchareonfarm in the Semi Final round of 15th Phunsia , lately Dabphang Kongphrab or the senior one of the Muay Thai camp has given the news that he would like to create the history for training the boxer to be the champion of Phunsia boxing round of 2 years continuously.

In addition, Dab Phang Kongphrab said that on the last year Yodphet has showed the beautiful form by grasping the champion to make him feel glad. Then, confidently his Muay Thai camp will be the first one to have the boxer as the champion of 15th Phunsia for 2 years continuously.

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