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The promoter can smile after "Chuchareon" has come back to be the well-known one. @ 2015-06-24

After Chuchareon Dabransarakham can get revenge to win the old proponent or the senior one as Sittisak Chengsimaewyim in Suek Muai Thai ChedSee on last Sunday , it makes the 2 trainers of this twin ; namely, Off and Aun Khongchiam have confirmed that this boxer is the talent one because of his good shape and performance. Thus, now his performance is in the excellent way to be the winner more than the loser on several games.

Later, his name might be known for the Muay Thai fans throughout the country , so it can be confident that in the next match the affiliation might make the list of him to fight with the special one to show the good form surely. Therefore, the Muay Thai fans should come to cheer up him much.

The head boxing camp of Dabransasarakham said that in the future Chuchareon might grasp the champion for making his boxing camp to be well-known for sure. Moreover, now he can face with anyone without having more disadvantages than him after he can get revenge of the senior one as Sittisak to show the beautiful form. Thus, he might has his much encouragement with his better body condition to fight with everyone without being afraid surely.

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