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"Kodea" has thanked for the Muay Thai fans. @ 2015-01-27

Kodea or Paranchai Adithepworapan has thanked for the Muay Thai fans , who has sent encouragement to Khao Paranchai to become the champion of channel 7 including of Sing Paranchai to overcome Phetphrayakrai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim with impression to the Muay Thai fans throughout the country. Then, it is confirmed that in this 2015 everything will be better than the past for sure.

After the beloved boxers ; namely, Khao Paranchai and Sing Paranchai has been the winner in last match on 28th December 2014 on channel 7 boxing stadium. Then, the reporters have been revealed from Kodea or the head Muay Thai training camp of Thungsong that he feels glad much that both of them can show the great work. In addition, it should thank for the Muay Thai fans of Paranchai Muay Thai training camp throughout the country to send encouragement to them until now , which made his Muay Thai training camp be successful.

Additionally, it should thank again for the cheering up making Khao to become the champion with expectation. While Sing has showed his great form to knock Phetphrayakrai beautifully ; moreover, now, they have worked harder to go forward in this step without easiness. However, in this 2015 everything might be better with confidence to show the good strategy for the Muay Thai fans of course.

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