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"Khwankhao" has his hard task. @ 2014-10-16

Champ Sitperm or the head boxing camp of Ch. Rachaphatsaduesarn accepted that he is worry much that Kwankhao of Rattanabundit university might fight with Yodthuanthong Phetyindeeacademy due to the old experience , strength and patience of Yodthuanthong to know whether who will pass into the Semi Final round of Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai on the million baht of Hiluxwigo Thai boxing round.

For Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai of the million baht for Hilux Wegochamp boxing round , there will be several master couple boxers to fight in this program. However, now there are some lines to compete for 2 matches , especially for line A to fight in 2 matches already ; namely, Datenarong W. Suntornnon has won for 2 matches and Newwangchan has lost for 2 matches. While Khwankhao of Rattanabundit university and Yodthungthong Phetyindeeacademyy in line B has both won for 1 match and lost for 1 match with the same score. Thus, for the third match they should fight with each other to find the winner passing into fighting in the Semi Final round. In addition, Champ Sitpirm or the head of boxing camp for Kwankhao said that he feel regretful that Khwankhao has lost to Datenarong in the last match with wondering. Then, in the next match that Khwankhao might face with Yodthuanthong or the senior boxer , so it might be the hard one due to the strength , old experiences and patience of Yodthuanthong after winning Newwangchan. As the result, it isn't the easy task for win Yodthuanthong , except for his trying in the best way and winning Khwankhao in the Semi Final round first.

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