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T Sport has increased for 2 master couple boxers. @ 2014-09-26

If any Muay Thai fans has never watched for Suek Muai Thai T Sports at Chit Mueng Non Muay Thai stadium , he or she should be hurry up to watch this couple boxer because of the funniness. Moreover, the supporters have been glad that the ticket price has been in totals of more than 100,000 baht , so Dear Kertphet has commanded to increase 2 master couple boxers for the Muay Thai fans instantly.

For the work of Suek Muai Thai T Sports broadcasted every Sunday at Chitmuengnon Muay Thai stadium , this program is accepted by the Muay Thai fans who always watched every week. Moreover, last week the couple boxers all maintain their standard firmly , such as 4 master couple boxer that fight with funniness. For example, the master couple boxer or Nontakit that kneed up his couple boxer or Rungkert until being the champion to gain 100,000 baht , and he would like to fight with his old boxer again in the next match. For another example, the second couple boxer or the former of Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium or Sanchai P. Chareonkarnphat ,who just lose the game to Ongree , but he can win Saiseab Dabphangnakornbarn in the end of game. For the last example, the excellent small size boxer or Nadech Paemeanburi , who just lose to Khaophong Kungrongnamkhang in the end of round , but he fought with funniness not worth to money.

On this Sunday of 14th September 2014 , Deer Kertphet has increased 2 master couple boxers to fight after gaining more than 100,000 baht by making the list of Yimsiam to face with Wuttichai in 139 pounds and the second couple boxer or the well-known one of T-Sport or Rungrat to face with Chatchai Sitphamnon or Kertyongyut to predict whether who will be the winner of this match.

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