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Phang commanded Sakulchailek to fight fully for dignity . @ 2014-06-28

Dabphang or The police senior surgeant mayor Nithisit Thangsirisakulchai commanded the teamwork to take care of training for Sakulchailek Dabphangnakornbarn fully after knowing that he might face with Kaokarat Chitmuengnon in Phunsia boxing round with difficult task. Besides, he accepts that Sakulchailek has his more disadvantages than his couple boxer for his performance and experiences , except for his name and dignity to fight with his full potential.

Furthermore, in the next match Sakulchailek Dabphangnakornbarn might have his queue to fight with Kaokarat Chitmuengnon in Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 22nd June 2014. Then, this game is significant much , so Dabphang or The police senior surgeant Nithisit Thangsirisakulchai has assigned work for the Surgeant Choat , the Surgeant Chang , The Surgeant Tan and the police officers to take care of Sakulchailek well because of the more experiences of Kaokarat than other boxers.

Dabphang revealed at the end that he felt serious because he just passed to fight only 60 matches ; while Kaokarat has worked hard before him to gain more advantages. However, for this match Sakulchailek is preparing to fight fully in order to show his dignity as the big goal to grasp the champion and grasp the potential clothes of channel 7.

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