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"Neungsiam" might come instead of the old one through TGN. @ 2014-03-20

For Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee on this Saturday of 15th March 2014 , it might be the task of the lawyer Toi or Sombun Niruttimathee and the teamwok to make the list of couple boxers as the master couple ones in 5th Thai Insurance after Nong Bee has removed from this program. Then, the teamwork has brought Neungsiam N. Pantasane facing with Aekwayu of Bangkok Thonburi university as the master couple boxer as well as other couple boxers broadcasting through TGN for several ones.

Besides, the lawyer Toi or Sumbun Niruttimethee will show his performance in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee in another match on this Saturday. In addition, these couple boxers broadcasted through TGN emphasizes on advantages and disadvantages in the main point which should be adjusted a little bit. However, For the master couple boxer in 5th Thai Insurance , Nong Bee isn’t ready to fight until being removed from this program. While Aekwayu of Bangkok Thoburi university might face with Neungsiam N. Pantasane after fighting with amusement for once time. Then, they will face with each other to make the muay thai fans feel excited as the same way. On the other hand, for the second couple boxer it might be Sankeng Kertchareanchai facing with Phetdam T. Tran 49 after fighting with each other to be favored of the foreigner in the last time following by Phetsathid Satidcd facing with Sanpon Luakbanyai , Emmy Sitphaoi facing with Harnchai Ansukumwit Camp , Taxi S. Bunyiam facing with Bunchai Kertphonthip muay thai camp and Onesongkran K. Phankrut muay thai training camp facing with Harnsuek Ansukumwit.

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