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"Phetmorakot" is still not sure while "Khwankhao" would like to grasp the muay thai champion from him. @ 2014-01-29

Khwankhao of Rattanabundit university asked to fight in the final round for 130 pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium because in this match , he has to fight in 129 pounds only. Then, he has more disadvantages than his couple boxer , so he would like to grasp for the champion for this match by fighting as the master couple boxer in Suek One Weerapon on this 24th January 2014 at Lumphinee boxing stadium.

Besides, It is the hot boxing camp now for S. Chitrada Ch. Rachaphadsaduesarn because the boxers in the team of Phit Khaisangtanaikhwam A. Champ Sitperm can be the winner in several matches no matter of Khwankhao Satanmeunglek and others. Lately, Khwankhao of Rattanabundit university or the master couple boxer of the boxing camp will have his queue to fight in Suek Oneweerapon with Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai in 129 pounds. Then, He has revealed that "If I have to fight in 129 pounds equally to my couple boxer , I would like to grasp the champion in this match by fighting in 130 pounds at Lumphinee instead."

In addition, Khwankhao of Rattanabundit university said that "For the fight that Phetmorakot facing with Khaimookkhao , he still bargained weight for 2 pounds although Khaimookkhao has his much famous name than him. Thus, For this match that I might face with him , I would like to fight in the final round to grasp the champion in 130 pounds at Lumphinee muay thai stadium ; however, why this chance may not come true. Then, I would like the promoter to consider this subject for me."

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