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"Phang" is really glad for "Sakulchailek" @ 2014-01-19

Dab Pang Kongphrab is really glad that "The severe knee" or Sakulchailek Dabphangnakornbarn can grasp the champion for 13 matches continuously aiming to become the famous star of channel 7 and become the master couple boxer successfully because of the good behavior and obeying.

Besides, For the severe knee or Sakulchailek Dabphangnakornbarn or the 15 years old boxer in Burirum province , Now he has been successful to grasp the champion in 105 pounds from channel 7 and lately he just won Sangthian S. Sornsing nicely until being push up to join in 14th Phunsia Boxing round as the substitution boxer from draw a lot.

Later, The reporters have been revealed from Dabpang Kongphrab or the head of the boxing camp who is really glad to know that now Sakulchailek can become to be the famous one by grasping the champion from channel 7 until being voted to be the excellent new star of Friend 19 Club that "In the future it is believable that this boxer might become to be the master couple boxer of the country surely. Moreover, Since Sakulchailek is in the controlling of me , he has won his couple boxers for 13 matches continuously with no losing to anyone , and lately he has been voted to be the new excellent star. Then, In the future he might become to be the master couple boxer as well as being the famous star of channel 7 with his capacity and encouragement of the muay thai fans also."

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