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"Chab" revealed to sacrifice himself for the nation. @ 2013-10-11

"Jab" or Lertsila Chumphaetour or the 33 years - old former of 3 versions champions revealed that the cause to make a decision to fight in Thai amateur boxing is to be grateful for Dr. Sakchai Thabsuwan until having chance to be the trainer and teach several boxers in the United States of America.

Moreover, the reporters have been revealed from the well-known former boxer or Jab about the cause that he has come back to fight in this time because he would like to be grateful to Dr. Sakchai Thabsuwan or the president of club who always assist him to teach at Los Angelis until now. Therefore, now he has come back to keep himself for training at Daterat boxing camp of the teacher Surat Siangloi for several days in order to compete of amateur World Champion boxing at Stpeterberg of Russia between 18 - 26th October 2013 ; moreover, he will fight in 63.5 kg also."

Then, Lertsila or the 33 years old boxer from Chaiyaphoom revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "I fought at the last time and lose for F 16 Rachanon on last 3 years. After that , I had been assisted from Dr. Sakchai Thabsuwan until I have a good chance to teach at the Muai Thai Yim at Losangelis to gain 100,000 baht per month with my perfect well-being life by fighting for amateur Thai boxing. Then, I would like to gain a large amounts of money in 5-6 years later and then go to open for the gymnasium at Thailand."

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