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" Dabransarakham muay thai camp " guaranteed with the performance of "Pahchan" or "Teedet." @ 2013-10-04

Lieutenant Ran or Niran Yotsapon brought Teedet Pahchan Daransarakham to fight on Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee TGN on this Saturday afternoon of 28th September 2013 ; moreover, he has much experience than Daraaek and always practice himself. Then, he might not be easily to lose the couple boxer for sure.

Muai Dab Ran Sarakham Thai boxing camp of Lieutenant Ran or Niran Yosapon is so popular that there are several promoters from the countryside and the metropolis send the boxers to fight every weeks and several ones per week. Then, on this Saturday of 12th Ocotober 2013 , there will be Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee TGN on Saturday afternoon beginning to fight at 4.00 p.m. by the supporting of Chun Kertphet. Therefore, it will begin with Pahchan Dabransarakham muay thai camp facing with Daraaek Tedsabarntrang. Moreover, for this fight, it is the interesting one and it seems that Teedett might have much experience with his good practice.

Lietunant Ran said that "Now, there is Wangchannoi to train Teedet and Teedet is very diligent to practice himself. Thus, I know that Teedet has much experience , except for his shape ; however, he always practice himself and pays attention to join in Metropolis matches prior to be the winner continuously. As the result, if his body condition is good , it might be hard for him to be the loser."

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