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It is wonder for "Lamnanphong Numyeantawanna muay thai camp" @ 2013-09-27

Num Yean Tawanna would like to ask the promoter for letting Lamnamphong to fight with Taksinlek Kertniwat muay thai camp in 120 pounds only because for the latest match that he fought in 124-126 pounds, he had to bargain weight for 2 pounds with his disadvantage for shape. Then, if he has his new chance to fight in the equal weight to the couple boxer, our teamwork will give the large amounts of money to the winner also.

After Lamnamphong Numyeantawanna muay thai camp had lost to Taksinlek Kertniwat as the master couple boxer in Suek One Thong Chai on last Monday 16th September 2013 at Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium with Suwit muay thai . Besides, Num Yeantawanna revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "I still wonder about my boxer's losing in this fight , so I would like the promoter making the list for him to fight with his same couple boxer once again in 120 pounds after he fought in 124-126 pounds which he had more disadvantages than his couple boxer. Thus, If he has a good chance to fight in this way , my teamwork said to give the large amounts of money to the winner as well.

Num Yean Tawanna said seriously that "For the latest fight , it should accept that Lamnamphong had more disadvantages then his couple boxer , but he had to fight to assist the promoter working easier. However, in the next match , Lamnamphong would like to fight in 120 pounds only and I will give a large amounts of money to the winner also."

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