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Wait to meet in real time for fighting in Thailand with " Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai camp". @ 2013-09-13

The president or Aekbangtrai or the senior promoter of Charnkit A. Phimonsri told that he isn't rush to compare the performance between his boxer and Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai camp because it should give the times for him to build up strength for his boxer for 2-3 fights. Then, it should tell the promoter of Sangmanee that he will train his boxer to compare the performance with his boxer certainly.

After Chankit A. Pimonsri muay thai training camp has showed his good performance over than Mathee Sorchor Toi Padraew muay thai gym beautifully for fighting as the master couple boxer of Suek S. Sommai at Rachadamnern boxing stadium in Thailand on last Thursday of 29th August 2013. Now, the Thai boxing fans would like to watch this dream couple boxer between Sangmanee S. Thianpho facing with Charnkit A. Phimonsri Thai boxing camp again. Thus, the teamwork of Muai Siam will ask for the opinion of the president Aek Bangtrai or the senior boxer of Charnkit A. Phimonsri muay thai training camp again after ending of Charnkit's last match. Besides, the president Aek Bangtrai has revealed that "It is believed that the Thai boxing fans would like to watch my boxer facing with Sangmanee at most in this time. Then, it is because they are in the same age and fitted form. However, I would like my boxer to wait for 2-3 fights in order to create his strength first and meet each other to be funnier. As the result, now Charnkit has more disadvantages than his boxer , so I would like the promoter of Mathee to have cold mind. On the other hand, I can guarantee that until this time , they might fight with each other with funniness for sure.

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