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"Toi" or Sombun from Thailand will show his performance with muay thai camps in 4th Thai Insurance Thai boxing tournament. @ 2013-08-02

For the 4th Thai Insurance Thai boxing tournament that will broadcasted on last 20th July 2013 , the more they setup rating highly , the more they get respond higher. Moreover, this muay thai program will begin with the significant 2 couple boxer between line A and line B to fight with each other that Sombun Nirutmathi or the promoter of Suek ImimentAir of Thailand might showehis performance to make the list of all boxers in the best way. For Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee TGN that always broadcast on every Saturday from 4.00 – 6.00 p.m. , it has been responded from the Thai boxing fans who watch their televisions at home highly until previously the rating is becoming higher obviously, especially for the Thai Insurance muay thai tournament that had just completed for 3 rounds already. Moreover, the boxers in this program always fight with funniness and the result is always beyond the expectation of everyone all the times. In addition, all of the champion of this muay thai tournament are the good fortune boxers no matter of Yothin Sakaethongresort , Yangthone Sitphanon muay thai training camp and the latest one or Sanphet K. Wahon muay thai camp .

Furthermore, on this Saturday of 20th July 2013 , there will be the broadcasting of the 4th Thai insurance muay thai tournament between line A or Yodkhunphon Sitkaewphrayoon muay thai training camp and Phetrung Phangkongphrab or line B followed by Phetnadoon Nantaphiphatkhonsong thai boxing camp and Mangkornyok Sitphetdam Camp as well as other 7 couple boxers that will be the role of the promoter Sombun Niruttimethi or the promoter of Iminent Air to show his good performance to make the lists of them.

On the other hand, every times to setup this program with many muay thai camps ,all of the boxers always fight with funniness and fight beyond the expectation of everyone. Therefore, there will be other couple boxers to fight in this match ; namely , Sia Khaoliam W. Panyawa facing with Pattrick Khumpraloyim , Phetnongbee T. Lakchai gym facing with Theppayut Kertpapae , Emmie Sitphao facing with Thepbandit Kertbandityim , Popeye Sitfamai muay thai training camp facing with Khongkha P. Chaisongkram thai boxing camp , Ngokhong Sakami facing with Phetphunlab P. Srisukkan , Keng Khlomkhlao facing with Phetkhlangdong S. Rungmanee and the foreign couple boxer or Raff from England or Sasiphraphayim facing with Robert from the United States of America to fight in this program also.

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