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"Chaosuanoi Phetsuphaphan Camp " feels confident to muay thai fight in Thailand . @ 2013-07-19

SiaBu Muengphet guaranteed about the training of Chaosuanoi Phetsuphaphan Camp that he has his perfect body condition and is ready to fight of 8th Fukthiangroup with Portortor Phetrungriang muay thai training camp . Besides, SiaBu assured that although Chaosuanoi might has his inferior about shape , he might has his good performance to fight in this game by the SiaBu training for sure.

For the new current after Chaosuanoi Phetsuphaphan Camp will have his queue to fight in semi final round of 8th Fukthiangroup with Portortor Phetrungriang muay thai training camp in Suek Chao Muai Thai on channel 3 of 23rd July 2013 at Wikomnoi in Thailand , SiaBu Muengphet revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that "Chaosuanoi is the excellent boxer who always practice himself continuously. Moreover, for this fight , he has practiced himself for nearly 1 month until his body condition is perfect. Thus, he might pass into the next round easily by the training of mine. As the result, it can be confident that he might be the winner although he has his inferior in shape , but he is excellent in his performance which the muay thai fans can feel comfortable."

SiaBu said that "For this fight , it is the semifinal round , so if Chaosuanoi can be the winner , he will pass into the final round instantly which made Chaosuanoi try hard to practice himself continously until he hasn't controlled his weight. However, although he has more inferior in shape , he still has his good technique to fight by my training."

"Rungrat" will continue to training himself.

Rungrat T. Phitakkonlakarn prepared to go for camping in order to adjust his body condition to fight in Suek Khunsuek Takul yang on this 13rd August in 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand . Besides, Sia Yang or Surapon Naratreekul will find the couple boxer in 125-126 pounds for Rungrat. Besides, he viewed that Rungrat might pass into the final round for sure if his body condition is perfect without afraid of anyone.

Sia Yang revealed that "For the latest fight , Rungrat had applied his knee to overcome score of Khumthrab Suwit muay thai gym with funniness and made him to be the beloved boxer of mine."

Then, for the next fight , Sia Yang revealed that "Rungrat might go for camping to adjust his body condition in order to prepare himself for fighting in Suek Khunsuek Takul Yang on this 13rd August in 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium . Moreover, now I am finding the couple boxer for Rungrat in 125-126 pounds. On the other hand, I viewed that Rungrat should pass into the final round without afraid of anyone and I will take care of him well. Thus, if I find anyone who is suitable with him , I will inform the muay thai fans to know suddenly."

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