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Feel excited with the old age boxers from many muay thai camps fighting at Chitmuengnon Thai boxing stadium at Phuket , Thailand . @ 2013-07-05

4 well-known and excellent boxers in the past will be back to fight again ; for example, Rambo will have another match to fight on this 10th July in 2013 with Langsuan as well as Lakhin and Neung ubon who will face with each other on this 21st February in 2013. On the other hand, Somjit Wankaew has setup for Chitmuengnon program to prove their performances through cable PSI TV broadcasted throughout the Thailand country.

Besides, these 4 famous boxers from 4 muay thai camps from and Phuket have created the new current to the muay thai life ; moreover, the reporters of Muai Siam had been revealed from them or Rambo , Langsuan , Nuengubon and Lakhin whom are all in forties that they had decided to come back for fighting in the Thai boxing stadium again. Then, Somjit Wankaew has setup for Chitmuengnon Thai boxing stadium to prove their performances with giving 100,000 baht for the winner also. Therefore, Rambo will fight with Langsuan on this 10th July 2013 and Lakhin and Nuengubon will fight with each other on this Sunday of 21st July in 2013.

One of the muay thai teamwork of Chitmeungnon from Phuket said that "It is certain that these former boxers will come back to fight again at Chitmuengnon Thai boxing stadium. Moreover, Rambo will fight in 58 kg. with gaining 200,000 baht if he is the winner and Nuengubon and Lakhin might gain for 300,000 baht if each of them is the winner. Besides, the deadline of paying deposit is on this Sunday of 30th June in 2013 and these 2 programs might broadcast through the black PSI cable on channel 174 on 9.00 - 11.00 p.m. in Thailnad . Thus, all of the muay thai fans should follow these 2 program from good muay thai camps which are the hit programs that everyone is interested now."

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