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Mr. Chun from Thailand had cleared the hot couple boxer from muay thai camps in the perfect way. @ 2013-06-28

The promoter Chun Kertphet had made the list of boxers already , especially for the hot couple boxer of Suek Kertphet or the million baht program on this Friday of 28th June in 2013. Moreover, he had setup the master couple boxer which everyone is interested to watch much in 115 pounds between Yokphet Sompongmabtapud muay thai camp who had just overcome Phrachanchai P. Phetnamthong muay thai training camp to face with Ponkit K. Kamphanat Camp that Yokphet had overcome before and this couple boxer will face with each other for sure.

"After Yokphet Sompongmabtapud had overcome Phrachanchai P. Phetnamthong without prediction , it was favored to the vice president of Suek OneThongChai much which made Phrachanchai would like to get revenge of Yokphet in the next match as well.

Then, after this situation happened , Chun Kertphet had seen the chance to let Yokphet or the hot one to face with his new couple boxer or Ponkit already as the master couple boxer of this 28th June in 2013 in 115 pounds.

Therefore, Chun Kertphet said that "now there are a lots of the muay thai fans of Yokphet in Rayong to ask for this question about the new program for many muay thai camps and whom will fight with Yokphet because of their needs. Thus, I haven't waited for a long time and let Yokphet to face with Ponkit as the correct couple boxer in this time to fight in 115 pounds. On the other hand, it can't predict that who will be the winner or loser , but I am confident that the muay thai fans in Thailand will give encouragement to them as same as the past matches for sure. As for other couple boxers, now I am considering about this subject and waiting for the agreement in the next meeting on this Thursday to be finished in order to inform about all couple boxers to fight in Suek Kertphet on this 28th June in 2013. Moreover, I will price for the ticket in the cheap way for 240 baht per person in one match or 250 - 270 baht per person in one match of course. However, it should let for the meeting to be finished already prior to make a decision.

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