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Be ware of having colicky pain. @ 2013-03-31

Sia Tung Phetphiya boasted that for Suek Phet Phiya broadcasted on this 2nd April in 2013, "there won't have anything to be confident about the predicting of the winner. Then, anyone who is sure might be lost of his or her money because of the excellence game for every couple of boxer in this muay thai program. Besides, every couple of boxer all have their good strategy to fight and everyone should believe the sight and how to make lists of him and his teamwork to be great".

For the master couple boxer in this muay thai program , there will be Aekmongkol of 5 stars chicken deawgym facing with Choknamchai Sitchakung muay thai training camp , Newluakrak Excindycon muay thai gym facing with Yodkhunsuek S. Suchd Camp in 106-108 pounds , Kongphuthorn N. Noppharat facing with Phlakad Excindyconyim , Khonkrungthep Ph. Phuangkaew facing with Diesellek Ch. Phinrat , Superjack S. Yuphinda facing with Phetrimkhong Ch. Phinrat and others.

"Chun" is really glad.

Chun Kertphet revealed that "I have never expected for keeping benefits or calculating of losing money for Suek Kertphet broadcasted on this 5th April in 2013 , but I am proud to have several well-known boxers of 10 muay thai camps in Thailand from a lot of programs to join with me in this program."

Chun said that "For this advertisement of Suek Kert Phet broadcasted on this 5th April in 2013 , it can arouse the attention from several muay thai fans to join with us much. Besides, Chun or Pheerapong Theeradatephong might allocate several well-known boxers to prove their capacities consisting of Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai training camp that will face with Phrachanchai P. Phetnamthong , Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon that will face with Yokphet Somphongmabthaphut , Phettawee S.Kittichaithat will face with Thanonchai T. Sangthiannoi , Yodthongthai P. Telakul that will face with Rittidate W. Wanthawee muay thai camp , Onechalerm Ouddonmueng that will face with Thongchai Sitthongsak , Onechalong Sitsoreng Camp that will face with Intreekaew , Rachanon Phanphayak Chitmengnon that will face with Yuttasak Sakburirum , Kutkornnoi Sitphetubon that will face with Choamhoad Sakami and others.

Besides, from the chance to participate in the big program prior to Songkran festival of Thailand, Sia Chun or Pheeraphong Theeradatephong revealed to the reporters that "I am proud to have a good chance for make the lists of good muay thai camps to be cheered up by the muay thai fans. In addition, there will be the famous boxers from Suek One Thongchai and Suek Phetyindee to participate also. On the other hand, for the keeping of benefits or the fee entrance , I have never expected , but I am proud to have the well-known boxers for the muay thai fans to cheer up. Besides, I would say that every couple boxer are the interesting ones. Then, everyone can come to send encouragement to our boxers also".

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