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Sia Nao would like to challenge "Palangthip and NongBeer". @ 2013-03-20

For the master couple boxer of Suek Phetyindee in Thailand on this 15th March 2013 at Lumphinee , Palangthip N. Sripheng muay thai training camp will face with Nongbeer Chokngamwong Camp as the first match. Then, Sia Nao Phetyindee has challenged them to prove who will have the better form. On the other hand, this match is interesting because their experience and endurance are the same way. Thus, the muay thai fans can cheer each of them.

The teamwork of Phetyindee revealed that "it is surprising because this couple boxer have never met each other before and they will face with each other for the first time on this 15th March 2013 without making the muay thai fans to be disappointed of course. Besides, because of the same way of experience and endurance , it can't view about their different ability. Thus, the muay thai fans can sheer each of them without winning in one round and the winner will gain large amounts of money for million baht from the sub district headman of Phorchorsor".

For other second couple boxers from other camps , there are Yokwitthaya Phetsimeun facing with Saksuriya of 5 stars chicken , Phanomrunglek Kertmu 9 muay thai camp facing with Onechana A. Bunchuay , Phetsila Kertmu 9 facing with Baikan W. Sangthepmorakot to grasp for Thailand champion , Khomsaimai facing with Khlasiam N. Sripheng , Chainoi Warawut facing with Fasongsang Windysport muay thai training camp , Phetthai Kertnadee facing with Jalay Luakromkhlao and others.

"Satanfa" has his own experience and strength.

"The lawyer Toi " or Sombun Nirutthimethee is assured of Satanfa Sakami or the champion of 118 pounds in channel 7. Then, he is confident that Satanfa might not have the worse form because he had just grasp for the champion of Lumphinee muay thai stadium from Rambo Rayong or Chokphreecha Sakulchia muay thai camp. Thus, Satanfa shouldn't be afraid of fighting with Siakim Sit Sorthor Taew because he is just a new generation coming after Satanfa. Then, the lawyer Toi believes that Satanfa has more experience and strength than Siakim for sure.

The lawyer Toi said that "For this new match of Suek Kertphet , Chun Kertphet has been working hard all the times by looking after of this program continuous although he is getting hurt on his back. Besides, on this 22nd March 2013. There might be the master couple boxer of Lumphinee muay thai stadium to be set up nicely without meeting each other before or Satanfa Sakami or the Champion of 118 pounds in Channel 7 facing with Siakim Sorthor in 118 pounds. On the other hand, it can't guess that who will be the winner between the fresher or Siakim or the more experiences or Satanfa."

In addition, the lawyer Toi said that " I don't know that how other people view this couple boxer , but I think that Siakim is hardly to overcome Satanfa because Satanfa has more experiences and strength than Siakim. Thus, he might be the winner and then for this match Siakim might be defeated or knocked."

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