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"Amnuae" be pleased Sadao @ 2013-02-27

Mr.Amnuae Kedbamrung be pleased Mr. K. join to held Super Seng + J.S.P. War to invent muay thai on Sunday 10 March 56 by collect famous muay thai boxers from many Standard boxing ring. He confirms to improve the boxing ring for create the muay thai fans' comfortable. There are many fight and many training camps in that day; Dokmaidang - Kumarnjern, Kanonksuek - Prabpramlek, Ploywittaya - Petchpusang, Tanuusueglek - Noppakao, O - Sangwangchai, Wittayalek - Bens etc..

On Sunday 10 March 56 all roads will lead to the Rangsit for watch muay thai. Many muay thai fans assign to watch Superjeng - J.S.P. War, when Mr. K. honored to create a special boxing by Mr. Tanongsak Manotamraksa, J.P.S. manager's support. He makes it more perfect, created an impression for muay thai fans now. In that day, Mr.Amnuae Kedbamrung confirms to improve the boxing ring for muay thai fans can watch comfortably.

"I am delighted that Mr. K joins to help me by take a good boxer to fight in Rangsit Stadium in Thailand on Sunday 10 March. I am confident that muay thai fans come to watch more than the past because the fight match is good. I will order staff to improve the stadium for welcome this fight" Mr. Amnuae said.

11 Muay Thai Tournament again at Khon Kaen

Muay Thai Tournament become popular in countryside after goes to Nong Bua Lam Phu so they decide to Khon Kaen on Saturday 2 March. Muay thai fan should wait Chun Kiattioetch' work.

Muay Thai Tournament on channel 11 at two o'clock to four o'clock for New Year. They held Muay thai tournament on Kwan Riam floating market. Recently, Saturday 9 February they go to Nong Bua Lam Phu and receive attention from muay thai fans. This means plan to travel countryside is success. The next tournament on Saturday 2 March at Khon Kaen has been confirmed.

“Latest, Petchyindee's staff held Muay thai tournament at Nong Bua Lam Phu, There are a lot of muay thai fans. Northeast Thai like to watch boxing and I know the next tournament held on Saturday 2 March at Khon Kaen by Mr. Chun Kiattipetch. I want to announce boxing masters and people who live near Nong Bua Lam Phu wait an entertainment form boxing" Muay Thai staff herald.

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