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"Yodmanut" is energetic @ 2013-02-02

Jarint Phathum relieves after 2 big bosses of Phuket Island or Police Lieutenant Colonial Sarawut Chuphrasit and Phuyai Orin Maliwan have supported Yodmanut Phetphothong muay thai training camp to grasp the champion of 105 pounds at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium from Phanphayakchitmuengnon. Besides, Yodmanut and Phanphayakchitmengnon might be the master couple boxer to fight of Suek One Thongchai on this 17th January 2013. Then, Jarint Phathum has seen this great opportunity and would like to thank for these 2 big bosses to support his boxer. Thus, he might not let Yodmanut to make disappointed to them of course.

There will be fighting of Suek One Thongchai for the first round of 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in Thailand on this thursday of 17th January 2013. Therefore,there might be all of master couple muay thai boxers to fight for 100,000 baht as well as the master couple boxer of Phanphayak Chitmeungnon muay thai training camp who would like to protect his champion of 105 pounds from Yodmanut Phetphothong muay thai camp. In addition to, Jarin Phathum is exciting after there is the big boss to support his muay thaiboxer. Then, it will be no problem to fight for grasping the champion of this match of course. He are happy because of good support from the people form Phuket .

Jarint revealed that " although Mr. Chong or Chamnong Bawornthanahiran has made the business in the South at Phuket or , there are the Police Lieutenant Colonial Sarawut Chuphrasit and Phuyai Orin Maliwan to support Yodmanut. Besides, there are other well-known people to cheer up for him beyond these two people , such as Phuyai of Tambol Maikhao , Phuyai of Amphur Talang and Phuyai of Phuket Island province in order to encourage Yodmanut at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium. Thus, Yodmanut will be energetic to fight with Phanphayak with funniness and would like to thank for all of support people. Therefore, Yodmanut and I won't make the disappointed for sure. Furthermore , it will be the good chance to grasp for the champion with confidence"

Yodmanut want the hard training for the championship match . Phetphothong muay thai training camp hire the good trainer to teach him but it is difficult for him to train because the problem of family .
There are many muay thai programs at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium. But Suek One Thongchai program is the famous program because all of the matchs are high level with professional muay thai boxers from Thailand .
Yodmanut always have the good result with win at his home ,the muay thai stadiums in Phuket . However he always lose when he fight at Bangkok .

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