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Ouisoeupor get a time to born @ 2012-12-10

Muay Thai trainer set Ouisoeupor Suji muay thai training camp who lose many fight in the past but now he get a time to born because he win Kailegwhan T.Langsong 2 times in the same weight and less weight.

Mr.V (Komchat Soenarhan) a trainer reveals to a reporter after Tep Tamma a good promoter of Muay Thai war set Ouisoeupor Suji to fight with Kailegwhan T.Langsong 124/16 pounds. He set a four match on Saturday 2012 at Aoinoi. Ouisoeupor Suji loses many fights in the past because he does not intend. In this fight, boxing staffs support him to fight continual and get a time to born by set a fight with him and Kailegwhan T.Langsong who loss Ouisoeupor 2 times in the same weight and less weight. I confirms Ouisoeupor have a concentrate in a fight on 24 November more than other fight. A reason he lost is maybe he discouraged from a better rival but boxing staffs will support him to get a good form.

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