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"Officer Pheng couldn't sleep" @ 2012-11-25

No matter of winning or losing or any making of the decision of the referees , the officer Pheng had accepted that he had felt down much and would like Chun Kertphet brought Denphichit Sak Burirum to met with Chebkhom Sitchakan to overcome him due to his embarassment.

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The officer Pheng of metropolis had revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that after Denphichit Sak Burerum or his muay thai fighter in the muay thai camp had lost the points of Chebkhom Sitchakan in Muay Thai Ched See in the last match , he had felt down much. In addition to, all the times that he has come to this circle of muay thai he has devoted himself to create the good things and have his good attention to train his muay thai fighter well. However, he doesn't know why he has been affected from this situation like this way. Besides, because for the first , second and third round , Denphichit Sak Burirum or his muay thai fighter had never lose in any round and his couple muay thai fighter seemed to have more disadvantages than Denphichit Sak Burirum or his muay thai fighter in the boxing camp. Thus, what happened to make him lose for this match which made him confused much. In addition to, at the end of the fourth round , Denphichit Sak Burirum or his muay thai fighter in the boxing camp seemed to have more advantages than his couple muay thai fighter. As the result, the referee had made the decision to let Denphichit Sak Burirum or his boxing in the camp to be defeated by his couple muay thai fighter in not so many points. On the other hand, if we noticed for his form , he hadn't seemed to be lose with his strategies , diligence and strength. However, he wondered about this decision of the referees much which wasn't fair and become in the wrong way of the fact. Furthermore, the officer Pheng said additonally that he has been in this circle of boxing for a long time, but he has just turned to make his boxing camp. Then, what he wanted is the fairness and he can't accept for this judge. Besides, he has the spirit of sports , but he had noticed of the wrong situation. Thus, he had been thought that it isn't fair and everything is being judge as the first time before taking the action already.

Denphichit Sak Burerum is lose but he think he win , so he will fight again at phuket muay thai to find the answer . Muay Thai fanclub in Phuket wait watch he train in his muay thai camp .
When Chebkhom was children , he stay in Phuket . But today he stay Sitchakan muay thai training camp because it is a good muay camp .

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