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Basics of Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Muay Thai is a special martial art developed in Thailand several centuries ago. It is a kind of boxing sport and is considered as the national sport of that country. The original Muay Thai was conducted with the fighters wearing gloves and using kicks and punches quite similar to modern boxing. However, this special martial art form underwent several changes during the past centuries.
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King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V, who was crowned as the King of Thailand in 1868, was the chief promoter of the first official Muay Thai training camps. He established several training camps throughout the country. He appointed ex-soldiers, trained in the art of Muay Thai, as instructors in these camps. The students stayed in separate camps during the training and were provided complete food and shelter. Since each camp had its own name, the students adopted the camp name as their surname.

Basically, Muay Thai is termed as an art of eight limbs, since the boxers use eight of their major limbs in the body during this sport. However, the most frequently used limbs are hands, elbows, shins, and knees. Still, Thai boxers, who are experts in Muay Thai, use eight limbs as points of contacts while fighting. This should be compared to the two fists used as contact points in Western boxing and four contact points using fists and feet in other types of fighting sports.

The tradition started by the training camps of the earlier period is continued even today in all parts of Thailand, including places like Phuket. The training regimen is quite rigorous and the students are forced to acquire peak physical fitness and tough mental attitude. This is important because full body contact is needed in practicing Muay Thai, like other fighting sports.

Phuket is beautiful island in Thailand and there are many muay thai camps in Phuket so it is good place to training muay thai or watch muay thai fights . If you are holiday in Phuket , you can learn or watch the muay thai fighting . I will put map of muay thai camp in Phuket in soon .

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Today muay thai is in many training gyms . Muay thai in Phuket island have many gyms too . I have just uploadd the photos of Phuket island and a news of Phuket .
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Last Update : January 6th , 2017
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